May 2008

08 May 2008
Boris says move Heathrow to the Thames Estuary!
Brian Micklethwait

I spent the night before election day and the night of election day watching Boris Johnson get elected Mayor of London.  And I think it must have been in the rather testy TV interview he did for the BBC, after his official acceptance speech, that he said he favours moving Heathrow to the Thames Estuary.  I do as well, if only because it will make for such great aerial photos while it is being built, to say nothing of when it is finished.

I have mentioned this notion here before, although the only serious commenter on that thought the scheme nonsensical.  What I didn’t mention was that Boris is in favour of it.  So it may not go away just yet. 

Whether Kit Malthouse, the writer of the piece I originally linked to, is anything directly to do with Boris I do not know.  Ah.  At the bottom of that piece it says that “Kit Malthouse is a businessman and former Tory councillor and is standing for the London Assembly in 2008”, so I’m guessing: yes.  And I’m guessing he got in, if only because the Tories in general did so well.

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