11 January 2008
"Schoolboy hacks into city's tram system" according to the Telegraph, though on closer inspection it seems a bit more complicated than that and without the hacking. The action took place in a place called Lodz which I understand it pronounced Woodge. So perhaps the headline should have been "Schoolboy makes Poland's trams as bad as its spelling." Just a thought.

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26 September 2007
Parking charges?  Possibly.  Spending the money on trams?  Definitely not
Patrick Crozier
Beautiful but expensive

So, Nottingham Council are toying with the wizard wheeze of charging for parking on private land in their city and then using the proceeds to build a second tram line.

So many issues in such a short space of time.

There’s an argument going around that charging for parking is a surrogate for a congestion charge.  Sounds plausible.  And congestion charging is certainly not something I am necessarily against.

But spending the money on trams!  Oh Dear Lord, no!  It’s another state-funded infrastructure programme and therefore terrible, terrible news.

15 January 2007
Steam-powered tram locomotives
Patrick Crozier

“Many trams of the time were still hauled through the streets by steam locomotives.” he (being James Hamilton) said.  Much to my surprise.  But it turns out he was right:


How very odd!