31 July 2007
The ethics (or lack thereof) of vandalising 4x4s
Patrick Crozier

It happens in Germany:

Greens employing guerrilla tactics have begun targeting the prized assets of car-loving Germans.

The tyres of dozens of 4x4 vehicles were slashed last week in Berlin, with each attack accompanied by a note detailing the dangers of carbon emissions tucked under the windscreen wiper.

Which,  at first, made me wonder why they don’t vandalise themselves (after all, I presume these people, at very least, breathe).  Then I realised it’s the “greed” that motivates them - the idea that there are people out there who consume more than they do - far more than the idea of actually saving the planet.

27 January 2007
"Quentin responded with extreme good grace given the bollocks he was forced to listen to and placed facts before the daft bint with whom he was supposed to be having the discussion."

Watching a piece on 4x4s Mark Ellott wonders why he bothers with the TV.

For what it's worth, I don't think 4x4s are a fad - they've been too popular for too long. But I suspect the reasons for their popularity are subtle. I am only guessing but could it be things like the driving position, the number of seats, ease with which you can get the toddlers in and out of their child seats, comfort over speed bumps etc?

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