01 February 2007
Cars – parking them by robot and towing them with a motorbike
Brian Micklethwait

Some are trainspotters.  I am a carparkspotter.  Well, virtually speaking, and provided they are interesting, which they mostly aren’t of course.

See this, today, which links to this, and also back to this, also by me, from 2003.  I agree with myself completely.

In other car news, here is a YouTube snippet about a motor bike which will tow broken down cars.  My first thought was, yes, it can get to the car quickly, by wizzing through traffic jams like a motor bike, but once it has hooked itself to the car it becomes as wide as a car and is stuck in the same jam with everyone else.

But then I thought, what if the immobility of the car it is seeing to is what caused the traffic jam, and as soon as it gets to the car and hooks it up and starts to move, the traffic jam as a whole starts moving again, and the motorbike with it?  So it does actually make quite a lot of sense.

I’d love to tell you how I got to “Motorpasion”, which is the Spanish or Portuguese or whatever for “Motorpassion”, but I can’t remember.

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