17 February 2007
Moscow of the future - as seen in 1914
Patrick Crozier

Fascinating set of Russian postcards from 1914 predicting what travel would look like in the future.  The period just before the First World War was amazing for transport.  It had seen the birth of the car, air travel, deep-level railways, electrified railways, electrified trams and Zeppelins.  It must have seemed that anything was possible.  In a good sense, that is.  Sadly it didn’t turn out like that, especially for Muscovites.

Hmm… thinks aloud… could the revolution in transport and the outbreak of the First World War possibly be related?

  1. That train of thought has been pretty thoroughly exploded, hasn’t it?

    Posted by dearieme on  19 February 2007 at 04:41 am

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