25 February 2007
Nothing twin Evinrudes wouldn’t solve
Mark Holland

Well this chap could buy his own boat. Or move. But ideas like that are probably too way out there when one of your first responses to a problem, if indeed there is one, is to note that there is “no government regulation of ferry ticket prices”.

I’m sorry to be quite so flippant but, and even though he does do a healthy amount of self deprecating, I always find it hard to believe people performing quasi-Fred Kite impressions are being entirely serious.

In the fifteenth century assorted Sultans upped the tax on the spice caravans wending their way through their lands from the Far East to Europe to a such point where it became worthwhile for merchants to look for a way of bypassing the Middle East altogether. And thus the age of discovery was born. Not out of a great search for knowledge or anything “spiritual”, just cold hard economics. So, if there’s a budding Christopher Columbus twiddling his thumbs in Ventor, now’s the time to discover France.

Don’t forget there’s more hot Isle of Wight ferry blogging action here.

  1. Bad news for Columbus.  Judging by the fact that your man is using the French Socialist Party logo, it would appear that France has already been discovered.

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on  26 February 2007 at 04:10 am

  2. Well, its fine in the case of private traghetto. Not sure whether any government undertakes the ferry operations, in case yes, must go the regulation of ferry ticket prices as per their strategy.

    Posted by traghetti on  03 March 2009 at 11:41 am

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