01 March 2007
A licensing authority over-reacts.  Or does it?
Patrick Crozier

I’d heard the palaver over Muslim cabbies at Minneapolis-St Paul Airport refusing to carry alcohol a couple of times before.  My reaction was: “Well, if that’s what they want to do, let them.  It’s their incomes.”  So, I was rather surprised to hear that the licencing authority will suspend any driver who refuses to take alcohol (Hat-tip: Pajamas Media).

I was even more surprised when I read the build up to it:

In September, the commission proposed a compromise that would have let Muslim cabbies purchase and mount a different-colored light on their cab if they didn’t want to pick up passengers carrying alcohol.

But that proposal triggered a huge backlash, from both passengers and other taxi drivers who feared it would make travelers avoid taxis altogether.

Huh?  There’s got to be more to this than that.  Could it be that AP (the author of the report) has missed something?

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