09 March 2007
Nice league table (complete with stats and pretty pictures) of the world's underground systems from, of all people, Virgin Vacations (hat-tip: Live from the Third Rail). Though what possessed them to put London at the top and Tokyo - which in my humble opinion is far superior - fifth, heaven only knows.

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  1. IIn addition to underground subways, the Tokyo transit system consists of the Toden Arakawa light rail line and the Ueno Zoo Monorail. .

    And the Haneda Airport monorail, New Transit Yurikamome, various urban JR lines, a wide assortment of private lines (many of whih have through services onto the subways), the Yokohama City Subway, and a variety of other things, if one wants to really consider the whole metropolis. I vote for Tokyo as a clear number 1. (They have listed the Seoul system at number 6, and having used it recently I have to praise its excellence also.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  10 March 2007 at 03:13 am

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