18 March 2007
Mobile phones on the London Underground
Brian Micklethwait

Says diamond geezer:

You know how wonderful it is that mobile phones don’t work on the Underground? The fact that you can hide away on a train where the office can’t ring you? The fact that you don’t have to listen to everyone else in your carriage droning on and on to their mates while you’re fifty feet under? Well, that peace and quiet is about to end.

A new system is now about to be tried out on the Waterloo and City line, and could be all over the Tube in 2009.

And then there’ll be no escape. Make the most of being incommunicado while the silence lasts.

I find people talking on the Tube infuriating, except when I feel the need to do it myself.  For starters they shout, to make themselves heard above the din of the regular din, imagining that their extra din won’t matter, what with all the din already.  But it does matter.  Screening out regular Tube din is easy, but screening out their particular and irregular din is not.

  1. It’s strange - I’ve never found it a problem - but I’d gladly throw every last personal stereo user from Beachy Head.

    Reason #438 on a list headed “Why Cars are Better”

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on  18 March 2007 at 11:01 am

  2. Berlin mostly has pretty good cellphone reception on the U-Bahn, probably because the tunnels are mostly very shallow and there isn’t enough earth over them to keep the above-ground signals out. Moscow has excellent cellphone reception on the Metro, presumably because there are cell towers down there, ‘cos the tunnels are way deep.

    Of course, both Berlin and Moscow are former(?) capitals of totalitarian surveillance-obsessed states, whereas London .... nah

    Posted by Alan Little on  09 April 2007 at 10:58 pm

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