20 March 2007
Make friends with other commuters on the Underground via the internet
Brian Micklethwait


The increasing success of social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook show they have an important place in the hearts of Britain’s residents. But this week Between the Lines was introduced to a site which may be one of the weirdest ever developed.

Onthesametrack.co.uk aims to match up people who travel alone on London’s Underground and overground train systems, allowing long commutes to be more enjoyable than the time usually spent with someone else’s armpit stuck in your face.

Profiles can be personalised to include pictures of the commuter and information about their lifestyle, job, relationships, and journey habits.

Users can even search for someone leaving their station, for example High Barnet, and travelling to the same destination, let’s say East Finchley, at the same time as their commute.

But what if you get attached to someone nasty or mad, asks the next paragraph?  Well, that’s true.  Better to not make friends at all, with anybody.

Personally I think that OnTheSameTrack is a recipe for Underground hell, not so much for the people who do this, but for those who have to endure their armpits and their stupid babbling.

  1. This is precisely the reason I thought car sharing would never catch on.

    Incidentally, the French seem to be trying something similar on the TGV’s.  Now, there, I think they’ve got a chance - not too much danger of repeat business - even if the idea that you might have the time to get bored does, ever so slightly, undermine the GV bit of the T.

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on  21 March 2007 at 10:39 am

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