21 March 2007
A (fake) Russian truck driver writes
Patrick Crozier


This photo of a Russian highway - almost makes you proud to be British doesn’t it? - inspired this comment over on English Russia:

I drive truck in Russia, and very true that roads in bad bad condition. Something must be done! Just last week, Igor truck hit pothole in this very road, and make me spill bottle of premium Soviet Vodka. Sure only 2 or 3 sips left in gallon container, but it principle of matter that anger Igor. If roads good, Igor not spill Vodka when driving at double speed limit, and if Igor not spill Vodka, probably not lose control of severely overloaded nuclear waste transport truck and crash into full Elementary school, and if truck not crash into school and spill contents, children not grow third eye on back. It make Igor mad, and children too, because now they glow green. To fix roads would solve many problem, prevent many vodka spills.

Na zdorovje!

I think he may be taking the mick.

  1. Ah pink sky.  I haven’t suffered from that in my photos since my very first digital camera, a Minolta, which I still miss because it enabled me to take flash photos with the flash coming in from the side, which (a) is better to look at, and (b) gets rid of red eye.  But, it turned the sky pink.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on  22 March 2007 at 06:45 pm

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