19 April 2007
Climate change is happening.
Patrick Crozier

The world is warming up.  The ice sheets will melt, sea levels rise and the deserts expand.  Time is running out if we want to forestall disaster.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

When Tata made its vow to build a $2,500 car, many Western auto executives ridiculed the project, dubbing it a four-wheel bicycle. They aren’t laughing anymore. Tata’s model is a real car with four doors, a 33-horsepower engine, and a top speed of around 80 mph.


There’s no lack of potential customers: Hundreds of millions of Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, Russians, and others will likely join the middle class in the coming decade, and cars are sure to be at the top of their shopping lists.

The poor will not be kept down.

(Hat-tip: Marginal Revolution who point out that safety regs mean that the car will probably not be available in the US.)

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