15 June 2007
The sound of silence
Mark Holland

There’s an advert running on the radio the moment for a Lexus hybrid. Although, if I recall Jeremy Clarkson correctly, said car rarely if ever runs off its batteries. The advert obviously doesn’t let that get in the way of its spiel.

Them: “If you listen very carefully you can just about hear…”
Me mentally interjecting: “The sound of hapless pedestrians and cyclists getting mown down because they never heard you coming.”

I’m pretty certain some high end German sports cars play engine noises through internal speakers to “enhance the driving experience”, or sommat. Perhaps stealth motors ought to broadcast an artificial engine noise - like the odour which inserted into otherwise odourless gas - so that others might hear your couple of tons of steel heading their way?

  1. Clarkson is pretty right on this one. I used a Prius regularly and most of the time it used nearly as much fuel as an ordinary car. It can be driven very economically but you need to be a techy-nerd who knows the cars systems intimately and travel gently! Most drivers are not capable of this. A big, heavy Lexus? The extra mpg will never cover the extra resources consumed at the build point.

    Posted by Vic Parsons on  01 December 2008 at 07:22 pm

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