15 June 2007
The fastest milk carts in the west
Mark Holland

Further to the silent but deadly electric cars below, check out these funky electric and/or fuel efficient cars in Wired! here as an accompaniment to this article. They’re not your average milk float. Some of them do nought to sixty in about 4 seconds!

I’m well impressed by this/these:

PML Flightlink’s electric wheel motor, which the company calls the Quad Electric Drive, or QED, replaces a car’s brakes as well as its gasoline engine. All braking is done by the motors, which act as electrical generators while slowing the car, returning energy back to the battery. Another plus: Each motor delivers precisely controlled torque to keep its wheel in contact with the pavement, providing skid control during hard acceleration and automatic antilock braking.

What’s Two-Ton Ted going to say about this?


  1. I had no idea what a milk float was until I found myself on facebook group entitled “Jenson Button couldn’t overtake a milk float”. A bit of googling round enlightened me.

    These electric rigs certainly have the potential to go quick, but I think I’ll always want a little auditory stimulation when I depress the go pedal.

    Posted by Jay Jardine on  15 June 2007 at 10:15 pm

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