15 June 2007
The Southern Travellers Handbook for 1965/66
Mark Holland

Arty farty, enduring image, photo blog “if charlie parker was a gunslinger, there’d be a whole lot of dead copycats” has a new category as of today.

One of their contributors has obviously discovered a copy of a British Rail publication, “The Southern Travellers Handbook for 1965/66”, mouldering in a drawer or antique shop somewhere and is scanning its contents for our enjoyment. Thus far he’s posted a portrait of the manager of Southern Region and a great phalanx of commuters making their way from a train across the heaving platform to the exits. Enduring image.

You can find it here.

Of special interest to us is the regional manager’s introduction:

We shall be revising and re-issuing this handbook each year and recovering most of its cost from advertisements and the revenue from sales.

I’d have hoped they’d want to recoup that hole in the publication’s costs through increased ticket sales myself. The BR Southern Region’s predecessor, The Southern Railway, published an awful lot of material - “Sunny South Sam’s Hints for the Holidays”, that sort of thing - but this was in order to get more passengers on their trains, not out of vanity.

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