22 August 2007
Truth in advertising bans
Patrick Crozier
Upstart starts up

The Advertising Standards Authority have banned a Ryanair advert on the grounds that it was misleading.  The advert related to travel between London and Brussels and as I haven’t seen the advert or the underlying stats on journey times and punctuality I really have no idea where the truth lies. However, judging by the way the matter has been reported, the amount of deception involved seems pretty small and certainly nothing that would shame the average politician.

Which makes me think that this ban probably has little to do with the facts of the case and far more to do with power politics.  Ryanair is an upstart not only for what it does but also for what it (and its boss, Michael O’Leary) says. For some time I’ve thought that “they” would eventually “get” Ryanair.  This could be part of that process.

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