23 August 2007
Capitalism and contracting out are not the same thing
Patrick Crozier

I don’t often read the Guardian so I have to leave it to the kindness of friends to point me in the direction of its pearls of wisdom.  Pearls such as this from Ian Jack:

John Major may never be forgiven as the prime minister who instigated railway privatisation, but, bless his sentimental English soul, as well as the warm beer and cricket he remembered the chocolate-and-cream carriages of the Great Western and imagined, foolish man, that the return of capitalism to railways would restore an old pride in their local identities.

Oh dear.  Once again: capitalism and contracting out are not the same thing.

The really weird thing about this article is the way Jack praises the railway companies of the 1930s and condemns the ones of today whilst not once asking himself why they should be different.

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