24 August 2007
Fight global warming: raise the speed limit
Patrick Crozier
Saving the planet

Well, as Donald Sensing points out, how else are we going to get people out of dirty, polluting aircraft and into nice, clean, environmentally-friendly SUVs?

Personally, I think this is a bit of a cheat - far better to concentrate on the high order stuff: is it happening? is it a bad thing? how best to tackle it - but it’s a lot of fun.  And certainly not something I am above

(Hat-tip Pajamas Media).

  1. Given most SUV’s carry more passengers than you average car, I can’t see what everyone has against them. Why place them in a higher tax bracket, it is not going to stop people buying them, it just places more money in the coffers of the Government. Worst still, this money does not go towards the environment, it just gets lost amongst all the other taxes we must suffer. Goverments should be reminded that they govern by consent and this applies equally to taxation.

    Posted by Cars for Stars on  14 September 2007 at 12:52 am

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