30 August 2007
We are not alone
Patrick Crozier

There are times when I am writing about the railways that I think I am the only one.  So how nice it was to come across The Truth about Great Western which I found from a comment left on a Telegraph Speaker’s Corner.

As it’s author says:

The nature of the franchising system is probably the primary barrier to the growth of the rail network. The central issue with franchises is the short time periods for which they are granted: the majority of franchises are given to Train Operating Companies for periods of 7 to 10 years, with the final years usually being conditional on meeting certain performance criteria.


The proper way to solve the problem of a lack of vertical integration is to give train operating companies (TOCs) far more control over their essential infrastructure.


And there’s a readable pdf.

And there’s this:

Suspiciously professional

It all looks suspiciously professional.  But he’s right, so I don’t care.


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