31 August 2007
Punctuality then and now
Patrick Crozier

I notice that the latest punctuality figures are out.  Despite the Telegraph’s best attempts to cast them in a bad light they actually appear to be quite good.

Punctuality in Britain is a funny thing.  Before Hatfield, if memory serves, they hovered around 91% which was about the same as they were on privatisation.  During the 1980s I can remember a British Rail poster proudly claiming 95% punctuality.  I didn’t believe them.  It certainly didn’t feel like it.

The other day I stumbled across this cutting from the Times from 1933 in which the London, Midland and Scottish reported and annual average of 92%.

Oh, and their definition of on time was to within five minutes.  Today it’s to within 10 minutes for long-distance services.

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