04 October 2007
Transport Bloggers talk about transport
Patrick Crozier

Last night a few of the Transport Blog crew met up in Central London.  Surprisingly enough the subject of transport did in fact crop up now and again.

One discussion we had was over the Boeing 787.  It seems that one of the big advantages of its lightweight construction is that it allows higher cabin pressures.  For some reason, it’s to do with white blood cells apparently, this means that passengers won’t be so tired when they reach their destinations.  It’s amazing how advances in technology can have strange knock-on effects.  I wonder if the Airbus 380 will be similarly blessed.  I suspect not.

Another discussion was over train gauges.  They differ between Spain and France, so how, we wondered did Rob manage to board a train that managed to take him all the way from Paris to Barcelona?  And how did they manage to make the change of gauge without him noticing?  This is how.

  1. Well, I actually meant to say red blood cells. That’s the trouble with having people blog things you said in some conversation after a few drinks. The basic point though is “787 has stronger walls and can so have higher cabin pressure. That means more air. Which means your body gets more oxygen (which is absorbed from the air by the red blood cells). Which means you feel better”. Pretty simple really.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  09 October 2007 at 07:04 pm

  2. Thanks for the variable guage axle link.  That’s quite an impressive mechanism: the train doesn’t even have to stop.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  10 October 2007 at 12:39 pm

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