22 October 2007
Again with the doors not opening
Brian Micklethwait

This time, what happened was that the train overshot its landing at a scheduled stop, and only the last half of the final carriage was next to the platform.  And once again, guess what, they refused to open the doors even of this one carriage, to let people off who wanted to get off at that particular station.  (It was our old friend leaves on the line which had put the driver off his game.) Would be exit-ing passengers had to go on to the next stop, and then take another train back.

This would never have happened in one of those old trains, with horribly clunky but independently hand operated doors, instead of the centrally controlled doors they have now.  Suddenly, these new carriages take on the air of prisons.

Squander Two tells the story.  It wasn’t so much what the guard said that got him angry, as the way that he said it.  ST didn’t, as they used to say, care for the fellow’s tone.

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