29 October 2008
Transport Committee Eleventh Report
Rob Fisher

A House of Commons Transport Committee report has been published.  Cue outraged calls for Something To Be Done about road safety.

The Liberal Democrats say the government should be ashamed of itself for not reducing drink driving casualties.  To their credit, they seem to be calling for enforcement of existing laws rather than new ones.

Here is the BBC story.  Road deaths are being presented as “the major public health problem of our age”, which is probably accurate.  That people are, when not being hectored by politicians, prepared to accept this level of risk says something about just how overblown reports of other risks are.  Why worry about eating the wrong type of food when you’re perfectly prepared to cross the road every day?

This morning, the vague and impossible to link to Radio 1 Newsbeat was reporting that “MPs” were “calling for” laws to prevent young drivers from carrying young passengers at night.  It looks like the Transport Committee likes this idea, but another report from the Department of Transport called Learning to Drive rejects it in favour of extra hoops to jump through to get a full license.

I suspect the report will quickly be forgotten and we won’t see any big changes to road laws for a while as it’s unlikely to be an election issue.

  1. We have a law here (NZ) that restricts young drivers from carrying young passengers.
    One of the(unintended)consequences of this is that if say three fellas want to go to something together then it means three cars will be involved.

    Posted by Rob H on  30 October 2008 at 11:24 pm

  2. Indeed. And do you know what happens when you put young men in different cars making the same journey? They race. I know because I have done it.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  30 October 2008 at 11:30 pm

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