15 February 2009
New motorcycle test really coming real soon now
Rob Fisher

I wrote about the new motorcycle test back in July when it was due to start in September.  Now, according to Ride magazine it’s due to start in April.  The delay is because there weren’t enough test centres to do the new off-road part of the test in which riders ride around cones.  There still aren’t enough in urban areas, so DSA have split the test into two, so you have to ride to a centre out of town and possibly far away to do the off-road test.  As Ride magazine says:

If it wasn’t so annoying, we’d be able to enjoy the irony of people having to ride long distances on the road in order to reach on off-road test centre and ride around some cones.

  1. Basically i’m a motor cycle rider.I have noticed two things when i ride bike.one is i wont wandering in mind,then i chect it everything before start riding..

    Posted by Twitter Backgrounds on  04 January 2010 at 04:06 pm

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