27 October 2010
Security, iPads and biodiversity
Rob Fisher

First liquids are to be allowed on planes, and now the chairman of British airways is complaining about security theatre. Taking off shoes and taking laptops out of bags is a waste of time, he thinks. The “aviation industry” agrees with him. Air travellers have had enough and the tide is turning. This is good news. And this is very funny, and typical of authorities unable to keep up with technology:

...confusion over whether the iPad is a laptop or not, thereby requiring further examination, was one example of inconsistencies.

Meanwhile, Airbus are getting in on the biodiversity bandwagon. Why?

  1. I have made twelve flights with an iPad since I have had one. On one occasion they made me take it out of my bag and put it through the machine separately. On the other occasions, not.

    Of course, I have accidentally or not had prohibited items on other occasions that have got through without incident, so it might just be that they are not watching very carefully.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  27 October 2010 at 06:37 pm

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