28 October 2010
When virtual meeting is not enough
Brian Micklethwait

Will the Transport Blog revival continue?  To try to increase the chances of that being so, the four of us met up last night, at the Pizza Express that is near Waterloo Station:


Left to right, Brian (i.e. me), Patrick, Rob, Michael.  I (i.e. Brian) was holding the camera in my stretched out right hand and concentrating not on how I looked but on getting us all into the picture, hence me looking weird.  But the rest of them look like a sixties record cover, don’t they?

Once again, I think I see a big transport principle at work here.  People who do things together, however virtually and twenty-first-centurily and web-basedly blah blah blah, need to meet from time to time.  People will always want to meet.  To meet, you have to travel.  To travel, you need transport.

  1. Hm, which one is Dozy, which is Beaky, and which are Mick and Tich?

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  28 October 2010 at 02:04 pm

  2. So many folk talk about videoconferencing, being “the future”.

    They’re wrong.

    Significantly, post-meeting, you can’t readily go to a virtual pub and have a virtual pint with someone you clicked with, philosophically, in the virtual meeting (aka teleconference).

    This goes even more for business dealings in Japan, where deals tend to be sealed over dinner (the idea being that someone’s character can be better characterised over dinner with them, than in the boardroom)...

    Posted by Dave Walker on  19 November 2010 at 01:12 am

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