30 October 2010
Boris bikes
Brian Micklethwait

Boris bikes (named thus after Mayor of London Boris Johnson) have gone from non-existent to ubiquitous, seemingly in no time.


There is a clump of them (with a regular bike in the foreground) which I encountered in Lower Marsh, just beyond Waterloo Station.

Another example of vehicles as adverts.

So, okay, Boris bikes are transport, but how are they themselves transported?  After all, you can’t rely on the punters exactly balancing everything out, can you?  Excesses will accumulate here, dearths there.  How is that corrected?

Moments after taking the above snap, I found out:


Cue comment from our very own Lord of the Carbon Footprint, Michael J, about all the other such schemes there are in the world.  Like in Melbourne.

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