06 January 2011
GM sales
Rob Fisher

Instapundit links to a blog post on The Truth About Cars which analyses GM’s sales figures. It argues that while some of bailed out GM’s brands do well, Chevrolet does not, and relies on fleet sales which are not as reliable. I don’t know about this, although I do notice that GM has lost market share and has not grown sales as much as other car makers over the last year.  What I find really interesting, though, is this comment:

How sick is it that the President’s press secretary is promoting GM through Twitter?  Does anyone else not see what a slippery slope this is, and how unfair it is to other privately owned car manufacturers? I’m sure other car companies can expect a fair shake from the US Government.

Indeed. Here is the tweet, which only mentions GM, even though the article it links to is about all car makers’ sales. Is this normal in America?

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