07 March 2011
Road sign photos
Brian Micklethwait

Yes, I am starting seriously to notice signs.  Especially the Health and Safety obsessed signs concerning the obligations of building workers.  It’s as if it is now obligatory to erect a complete building trade version of the Highway Code on the fencing of every building site in the land.  Buts signs of any kind can be extremely evocative, as well as informative of course.

Road signs, however, mostly don’t feel as annoying as those H&S signs.  This is because only a small percentage of them are nagging you to drive more safely.  Most are telling you how to get where you want to go, and motorists would feel seriously let down if signs like these were to start disappearing, or to be twiddled around like they were, according to the legends I have heard, during the War.

Here is a particularly excellent road sign photo, which I found here:


And here are some photos that I myself took, of a strange place, on the south side of the river, just upstream from the Thames Barrier, next to the riverside foot and cycle path.  Whether this is where temporary road signs go to rest and recuperate, or simply to die, I do not know.  The fierce yellow sign threatening round-the-clock CCTV stardom to all malefactors suggests that these signs have futures as well as pasts.

image image image

These are road signs associated with, like the little square above says, diverted traffic, caused by roadworks.  But the signs are not the annoyance.  The roadworks are the annoyance.  The roadworks without the signs would be even worse.

Bollards are a different matter.  Often, there are bollards, and signs, but no roadworks.

Click to get the bigger pictures.

  1. I once saw a picture of the Magic Roundabout on a Norwegian blog, with the caption “No wonder God put these idiots on an island”

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  08 March 2011 at 04:02 am

  2. The one in Hemel Hempstead is worse.

    Posted by Truckmate training on  14 March 2011 at 07:01 am

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