24 May 2011
Making driving more pleasant
Rob Fisher

Here is a comic strip about a handy device to make driving more pleasant.

  1. Around here (English midlands) the signal for ‘whoops, I drove like a dick then; but that is not the normal course of affairs for me and normal service should be resumed soon’ is raising a hand (but not waving it), palm flat and forward, like a school kid wishing to answer a question.
    A wig-wag of the indicators (left, right, left, right) means ‘thank you for allowing me to merge into your lane’, especially among truckers. Car drivers often use 2 flashes of the hazards (all-round blinkers) to mean the same, but truckers like to keep hazard lights unambiguous in their proper meaning (I’ve broken down/there’s a sudden traffic jam coming up/I’ve parked like a dick, sorry/keep back, I’m about to do something crazy).
    Headlight flashes are most often used as ‘I am allowing you to merge’. A rule of thumb is that short flashes are friendly, and long flashes usually hostile.
    Of course, inter-vehicular communication protocols in your locality may vary.

    Posted by Martin | Friday Night Smoke on  27 May 2011 at 08:33 pm

  2. That all sounds familar enough for round these parts (South East), Martin. I’ve definitely used the sheepish raised hand myself.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on  29 May 2011 at 10:06 am

  3. Sorry if I was being Captain Obvious; for some reason I thought you were resident on the other side of the Atlantic…
    Of course road manners will be similar at either end of the M40; although one difference I have noticed is that Brummies seemingly guard their right of way far more jealously than Londoners, who expect you to ‘get on with it’. Emerging uninvited from a side road into thick traffic earns more beeping and gnashing of teeth round these parts.

    Posted by Martin | Friday Night Smoke on  04 June 2011 at 12:23 am

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