28 November 2006
Open comments thread
Patrick Crozier

Following on from the last posting perhaps it’s time we had an open comments thread.

You can say what you like here.  I guess you can say whatever you like on any other posting but it just wouldn’t seem right.  Anyway, you can say anything you like here.  Preferably about transport or the blog - we’re more likely to pay attention to it that way. 

What would be really cool would be if people could flag up stories that we haven’t covered or their own experiences.  You can, of course, e-mail us if you prefer but you might find this easier with the added advantage that whatever you have to say is, at least, out there somewhere in cyberspace.

Just to make the point that things said here do matter, whenever a comment is left here both an e-mail is sent to the author ie, me and a note is left on our top secret behind-the-scenes notice board.

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