07 December 2006
Clamped in Camden
Jackie D
Clamped in Camden

I took this photo several months ago, when I was working in St Gile’s Circus. One day, we heard an almighty racket coming from outside the office, and it turned out that this nimrod had tried to drive away with a clamp on his tyre. He kept trying for several minutes, generating lots of smoke and horrific noise - and I don’t just mean the abuse that several people were shouting at him. Finally, he and his mates grabbed all their belongings out of the car and simply walked away, leaving it to block Flitcroft Street (which is actually more of an alley than a street).

Traffic wardens are, of course, all over this area like Rod Stewart on a leggy blonde. But when this car, creating an actual disruption and problematic blockage, cropped up, it took three days for Camden to haul it away.

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