11 December 2006
Ferrari on Park Ave

So far, I have seen not nearly as many breathtaking cars in New York as I am used to seeing in London. I have, however, seen enough SUVs to take my breath away. I’m not anti-SUV, but if there’s one city where something rather more petite would come in handy, it’s New York.

As ever, the cab drivers here are nuts. I have never seen the point of gunning the engine on a green light and ramping it up to about 45 mph, only to slam on the brakes after only one block.

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  1. The cab drivers are less nuts in your presence if you are driving an SUV, however.

    (I discovered this last year when I booked a “small car” from the car rental company as was given a full size SUV instead. I had never driven an SUV before, so I had my first experience of doing so in Manhattan at rush hour. After about five minutes of getting used to it, it was quite fun).

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  12 December 2006 at 04:24 am

  2. I love driving SUVs, but I would rather have a Smart car in a town like this. (I used to drive in Chicago a lot as a teenager, and am more concerned with being able to park in the tiniest of spaces than being able to intimidate other drivers.) Might try an SUV here someday, though!

    Posted by Jackie Danicki on  12 December 2006 at 08:34 am

  3. When I lived in inner city Sydney, which is not known for its wide roads, I owned a very small car. That was exactly the reason - I needed to be able to park it. If I lived in Manhattan I suspect I would do the same as I do in London - not have a car at all. If I did have a car, it would be something small. But none the less, an SUV is great for intimidating the taxi drivers.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on  13 December 2006 at 02:38 am

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