23 December 2006
Bridges and tunnels
David Farrer

At a Christmas drink on Thursday an Edinburgh Labour councillor told me that the City Council had at last given final approval for our new tram system. The vote was 56 to 1, the odd man out being Edinburgh’s sole SNP councillor.

The Nationalists also oppose the planned rail extension into Edinburgh airport, which would be in addition to the new tramline. I imagine that this has something to do with the low level of SNP support in the city. What the SNP does support is the construction of a new crossing over the Firth of Forth. The original Victorian rail bridge is still working fine but the 1960’s road bridge is in big trouble and now almost all politicians think that we need another crossing. But does it need to be a bridge?

Not necessarily. Increasingly, the case is being made for a tunnel. My fellow blogger Neil Craig has written a fascinating piece on other possible tunnels in Scotland.

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